Thank you Francine...Thank you!

I own a TV and video production photography company in Tampa. My weakest link in my own marketing strategy has been social media management, relationships, posting and interaction. My attempts were so hit and miss that I had reached a point where I just gave up on social media. Big mistake! I was thrilled to find and work with Francine Sinclair at True Blue Social Media. I really love when people are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. Francine is all in!!! She started by our Pinterest account. It went from zero impressions to over 8,000 in one week. According to Pinterest, that's a 755% increase in one week. Thank you Francine...Thank you! It looks great . — Ken Cooper, Tampa, FL

I highly recommend her in this space

Francine has been working on the social media for my fledgling business for almost 3 months. She has provided so many stellar recommendations on how to improve my business' visibility in a crowded market. She's very diligent and is in constant communication about things I need to do, what she needs to do her job, and how to improve my branding. I highly recommend her in this space and she's extremely pleasant to work with on a daily/weekly basis. — Jacinta Green, Seattle, WA