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Francine Sinclair

Hi! My name Francine Sinclair. I’m a bilingual social media strategist, and I focus on helping small business owners generate leads by leveraging their social media presence. I’ve lived in Tampa since 2008, and I am proud to call our little northern corner of Hillsborough County (Carrollwood, Northdale and Citrus Park) home.

I grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico in a time when neighbors knew each other well and children played out on the street, unsupervised for hours. It’s rare to see that these days, and lately I’ve become very nostalgic about my childhood neighborhood. I don’t know if things can ever go back to being the way the were, but maybe – just maybe, there is a way to increase the sense of community around us. I thought it would be an awesome idea to get neighbors to start getting to know each other again. Make strangers be able to recognize each other on the street and maybe even become friends, the way it used to be in the olden days. It could be just me, but I suspect that you may also be longing for a sense of “real community” that will bring us closer together based on the things we have in common, instead of the things that bring us apart.

I would like to introduce The Faces of North Tampa. This is a celebration of our little community, of who we are and what it’s like to live here. It’s on this website where I’ll introduce you to the interesting and diverse people that live in our community, one smiling face, and one story at a time.

Please join me in supporting each other in telling your story. I’m excited to meet so many new people in the upcoming years. If you know anyone that you feel should be nominated to be on The Faces of North Tampa, please reach out to me via email or text message.


Francine Sinclair
True Blue Social Media
Cell: (770) 335-4223
Email: truebluesocialmedia@gmail.com
Website: www.truebluesocialmedia.com